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History of RPS Carbon Brakes

RPS is a family owned and operated company that was started in 1989. Rob Smith, the President, graduated from UCLA in 1982 and went into corporate banking before working on the Nissan IMSA GTP, Group C and GTO racecars throughout the ‘80’s. Throughout the ‘90’s RPS became well known for building some of the fastest turbocharged drag racing Honda’s and Supra’s in the country. In the mid ‘90’s it became clear that one of the weak links with these powerful Imports was the clutch system, so RPS launched the “Turboclutch” line of performance clutches. Since that time RPS has become an industry leader in carbon-carbon multi-disc clutch technology and products receiving 2 U.S. patents along the way. RPS private labels a vast number of products for Acura NSX’s, Audi’s, BMW’s, Lamborghini’s, Porsche’s and Nissan’s among others. Some of their products can be seen at www.turboclutch.com.

Since the early 2000’s RPS has been developing a new line of real carbon-carbon brake rotors and pads. This development has led to another U.S. patented being granted for the unique and economical way RPS can now manufacture carbon-carbon brakes right here in the great USA. In 2007 RJ Smith won the NASA So Cal Super Unlimited racing championship with the help of RPS Carbon Brakes.

In 2013 RPS made the first 16.6” front brake rotor ever put on a car anywhere in the world. These brakes are only found on Galpin’s GTR-1 concept car which debuted at Pebble Beach in 2013. Also Various Porsche’s have set new track records around the country using RPS Carbon Brakes.

We are now offering a wide range of custom 13, 14, 15, and even 16” carbon-carbon rotors and pad sets for almost any vehicle. The future is bright and the possibilities are almost limitless.